Mixins & class v1.1.0


Hstrap is a little lib proposing

  • mixins
  • classes
  • CSS components

Those are build on top of Stylus & Nib.

It will not be a complete framework as twitter bootstrap, fluidity or roots. For reset, typography, grid, tables and so on, look at them.

The purpose is more to give some uncommon mixins and provide some particular design classes for buttons, forms & other things.

The less is provided, the better you can design without extra markup or classes.


This project can be found on github

npm install hstrap
Use it with Stylus

bower install hstrap
Only CSS files


All in seperate files: include what you want

  • Buttons
  • Forms
  • Flexbox Grid
  • Boxes
  • Popover
  • Scrollbox


Forms css is an attempt to fully redesign controls without adding any Javascript.
Due to some vendor property, this redesign is not consistent accross browsers :(
so… Use with caution