Going Vue with Nuxt


Vue.js is a solid option for building web applications.
To use it we have two major tools:

  • Vue CLI 3 the Standard Tooling for Vue.js Development
    The official solution to quickly setup a Vue application.
  • Nuxt Universal Vue.js Applications
    Yeah, we will talk about that.

But how dœs Nuxt differ from a Standard Vue Application?


Vue, the webby framework


Both React 16 & Vue 2 are javascript libraries that solve the same issue: writing components which are kept in sync with your application’s state.

Having used both of them lately, here is my opinion on the main differences between them.

I’m not trying to convince anyone of which one is better here, but more to describe how comfortable I was while learning & using them.
When it’s about making stuff, just choose your preferred tool (if you have the choice of course).

[TL;DR] Vue feels more webby and React more tecky (If that means something 🙃)
And coming from a web-developer background, I feel using Vue is more natural for me.

sub-queries in sequelize with squel


If you want to handle a SQL Database in NodeJS, you may want to use Sequelize.

It’s a nice ORM with a promise based API that makes it easy to:

  • defines models
  • defines relations between those models
  • retrieves those relations when accessing an instance.

But I find it hard to handle COUNT and SUM functions inside instances even
after reading issues, trying without success to find the Sequelize way®.
Nothing was working for me 😭

And so this is the story of how I solved it with squel, a SQL query generator

Isomorphic application with React/Redux


So I wanted to build an isomorphic/universal web-application…

This will be a long document about the how and the why
The web-app was greatly influenced by this Viktor Turskyi’s post.

Unlike most articles, I won’t produce here any code example.
I will try to focus on how different piece of code put together will solve building an universal applications problems.

It’s my first take on this kind of application, so I’m sure there are many flaws & rooms for improvement.
But hey! we need a start in order to advance 🏃‍♀️